Easy Ways to Increase Your Google Rank

Every day, millions of Internet users take to Google to look up things they want to know. They may be looking for information, instructions or services. However, many of them do not look past the first page of results, so it pays to rank high with this famous search engine. Here are 5 easy ways that you can  increase your Google rank.

  • Write good content. Google has recently updated itself to filter out the websites that publish low-quality, high-volume content. According to Google, it is more beneficial for your website to have just a few pages of well-written, high-quality pages than it is to have tons of pages with subpar quality.
  • Watch your keyword density. Since keywords are what help viewers find your website, it seems to make sense to add as many keywords as you can into your content. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Stuffing content full of target keywords is no better than not using the keywords at all. Google takes into account how often keywords are used, and how they are used. Make sure that your keywords and phrases sound natural within your text.
  • Have quality links. There’s that word again. Quality. Links pointing to your website are always good. It shows Google that your site is of value to other people. But the sites you should link to should be those that offer quality. Like content, less high-quality links is better than a lot of useless ones. Stay away from linking to sites where just about anyone can add content. They are not highly revered or trustworthy. Instead, focus on quality sites and blogs. Offer to guest post on blogs related to your industry so that you can link back to your site in the bio.
  • Utilize social sharing. Specifically that little Google+1 button. Since adding the +1 button, Google has given users the ability to block sites. Google has actually stated that when users block or +1 a site, it has a negative or positive impact on the site’s ranking.
  • Tell Google about your content. Writing good content with the right keywords is the first step, letting Google about it is the second. To let Google know, “Hey! I have this great content,” you need to use meta titles and meta descriptions that describe your content well. The closer the descriptions are to your content the better.

Your Google rank lets viewers know how important your website is. You can help increase your ranking by following these 5 easy steps.
Do you have any others tips for increasing your rank? Leave a comment and share it.

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