Social Media Can Push Your Business Into Overdrive

With over 500 million people on Facebook and 150 million on Twitter, social media sites are a great way to connect to people. Businesses can use these social platforms to connect with customers, gain exposure and drive business to their websites. Social media can make your business even more profitable, and it’s free to use. Here are some ways social media can help push your business into overdrive.

  • Social media can help increase your traffic through SEO. By creating an account for your business and linking it to your company website, you are making important link that search engines love. The more links pointing to your site, the more credibility search engine spiders
    will give your website.
  • Social media helps to keep you connected with your customers. Both Twitter and Facebook allow you to post updates easily to inform your customers about any news or changes. Post about big sales, new products or offer specials just for your followers. You can also use social media to converse with your customers, making you seem more personable and relate-able.
  • Social media can help you generate leads. When your customers link their own social media accounts to your website, other people checking out their page may see the link and go explore your site; sort of like an online word of mouth. Consumers see that their friends like your business, and since they trust their friend, they will naturally go and take a look.
  • Social media is the most cost effective marketing method. Remember how many people are on Facebook and Twitter? By getting on those platforms, you have a chance to reach them, for free. Imagine the type of exposure your business can gain just by using those 2 sites.
  • Social media can reinforce your business’s reputation. Having sound social presence can secure your online reputation with your customers. It also makes promoting reviews for your company that much easier for you. You can add links to forums or other websites where customers have left you positive feedback.  It is a very effective way to highlight the positives about your company, solidifying that you are the best at what you do.

Social media marketing has quickly developed into an online phenomenon of its own. With so many people on these sites, businesses can only stand to benefit from them. They can help drive traffic back to your website, connect and share information with your loyal customers and even gain new customers. With social media being so effective and free, there is no reason to not utilize it.

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