What is Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t an old concept. Products and services just sell better when customers can actually see what they are buying. Think television commercials. Today’s video marketing goes far beyond the common TV commercial. It utilizes outlets such as websites, email, newsletters, and live streaming to share videos. Video marketing is basically adding a video to a direct marketing campaign for that little something extra. The most common and simplest way of marketing with a video is to add a video about a product on your website.

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

  • Get better search engine results. Google loves videos. Ever notice that when you do a search, you will see relevant YouTube videos very close to the top? This is not a coincidence. A video is a great way to get to the top if search engine results, and to get people to click on your website.
  • Get more clicks. A video result will get a higher click rate than a website that is ranked even higher. Why? Because people are visual and would rather watch a video about something than sit there and read about it.
  • SEO! If you place your video on your website and incorporate keywords, you can really increase your ranking.
  • Videos are fast. They are engaging. They can connect you with your target customers much faster than other marketing methods.
  • They are different. While other companies are pushing email newsletters and text websites, having a mind blowing video can set you apart from the rest. Videos are fun, lively, and they break up the monotony of traditional online marketing.
  • Videos can make you look like an expert. Videos that are done well, meaning they are well put together and of high quality, can make you look more professional. On the other hand, a video that is not up to par can make you look amateur in business.
  • Be more accessible. Unlike some websites which need to be set up in order to be seen on a mobile device, marketing videos can be accessed on just about anything. Smart phones, MP3 players, laptops, netbooks … they should all be able to access a marketing video.
  • Videos can go viral. Interesting videos are passed on much faster than an interesting website. People are always more willing to watch something rather than read it.
  • Video marketing is not as expensive as you think. There are templates that can easily be turned into an ad, you can put together photos in a Power Point presentation or even do screen captures and make a moving picture.
  • It’s not that hard either. Once you have the video, uploading to your site is a breeze.

Video marketing is a great way to get more exposure and more business. Have you used a video to get more sales? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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