Promoting Your Business Facebook Page

You painstakingly built and crafted your business’ Facebook page. Now what? You can sit back and wait, and hope that you will get followers. Or you can take initiative and start promoting your page. But how do you do that? Here are some great ways to promote your business Facebook page successfully. Keep your page updated. Start by making sure your username is something catchy. You can use your business name, but make sure that it indicates what your business is about.

Update your page with current specials or sales, anything that will entice views to visit and “like” your page. You can also post news about your business or add links to your business blog. Add a “Like” Box to your main business website. Go to “Edit Page” and then to “Resources,” to “Use Social Plugins” and then select Like Box. Fill in the appropriate fields and click on the get code button. Copy and paste the code into your website to allow your visitors to “like” your Facebook page directly from your website. Also, make sure you have a Facebook button on your main website. You can choose from styles that say “Find Us on Facebook,” “Become a Fan on Facebook” or even just the Facebook “F.” Invite fans.

Facebook has a feature that allows you to invite your contacts. Under “Resources,” click on “Tell Your Fans.” You will be able to upload information from your email contact list and search that list for people who are on Facebook. Some of your contacts may ignore the request, and this is fine. If you have a mailing list sign up on your website, you can use your customer email addresses and send them fan requests as well. Get in good with like businesses. Developing a working relationship with similar businesses on Facebook can help your own business. “Like” businesses, and follow them.

You may get helpful information and useful links, or even get referrals for your own Facebook page. Share links to other businesses when you can, and in turn, those businesses may share a link to your page. Get personal with your fans. Fans like to belong to a community and to be involved. Ask questions on your page about your products or services so your fans can respond. Asking them for suggestions on what they would like to see from your business is another good way to get people to open up and join in. Make sure you respond to any questions or comments your fans leave. Having a business Facebook page is an effective way to promote your business. But in order to promote your business, you need to promote your Facebook page. We have shared some great ways to promote your business page. Do you have any other ways that work for you? Leave a comment and share them.

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