How to Use Case Studies to Gain Customers

When it comes to getting new customers, nothing works better than a positive review from an actual customer. Prospective customers want to be reassured that your product or your services are all that you say they are. Here is where case studies come in. A case study showcases actual customers and real success stories about your business. This is a great marketing method that can help you gain more customers. Here is how.

Pick a customer
Not just any customer, pick the right one. Wade through your customer database and find someone that you have worked with, or has used your business for a long time. Look for someone you have a friendly relationship with, since these customers are most likely to agree to do an interview for you.

Interview your customer
Set up an interview with your customer so you can get his or her story. You will want to portray the customer’s good experience working with your company or using your products. The main questions you should hit when you interview your customer are:

  • What problems or need led the customer to your company?
  • What was the customer’s experience with your company?
  • What results have they gotten?
  • Would they recommend your business to other people and why?

The answers to these questions will help you show your potential customers just what your business has done for your existing customers and what it can do for them.

Write your case study
The easiest way is simply following the structure of your interview. Walk your reader through your customer’s good experience and end with a strong recommendation. Make your case study compelling; you are trying to convince new customers that your business is the answer to their problems.

Get your case study out there
In order for your case study to be effective, people need to see it. Feature the write up on your website’s home page. Post a link to it on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest page. You can also print it out and pass it out as a flyer. The more you make your case study accessible, the more chances you will have of it reaching new customers.

A case study is a great way to use a loyal customer’s story to help you get more customers. By picking the right person, and getting the interview, you can write up a convincing case study that will draw in many new customers.

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