The Most Effective SEO Strategy You Haven’t Thought Of

With Google introducing their new Local+, there is a bigger focus on local business. Local SEO puts focus on showcasing your business to the people who live in your community with the added twist of marketing as if you are doing it online. This real-world tie to your online website is can help you connect with your local customers and gain more business. Here is how to do it. Incorporate local photos on your website. This is perhaps the easiest way to prove to your customers that you are local.

You can add pictures of parks, businesses or restaurants that are local to you. It is best to use photos that make sense in the context of your website. Tag your photos. Add your pictures to sites such as Flickr or Picasa. Add your location in the tags and use the anchor text to add your author credit. When people search for photos of your city, yours may come up and lead viewers to your website. Use videos. Adding a short video about a local hot spot can help boost your search engine power. Like photos, the idea is to make sure your video is on a locale that is relevant to your business as well as your local community.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you could do a video about a local farm or farmer’s market. Utilize youtube, vimeo and MetaCafe to publicize your video. Interact with local bloggers. Look for successful local bloggers and reach out to them. See if there is anything on their blog that relates to your business. If you find something, leave a comment or join in on the conversation. Join in on real-world events. Even a small, local event can get magnified with publicity online. Each event has the potential to create inbound links and citations for your business. Many websites look for local events that are of interest, and then post about them. If your business is hosting a local event, be sure to advertise them on sites like or You can also look into posting an ad with your local publication. Get involved with local projects. Getting involved with community projects is a great way to get to get the word out about your business. In exchange for sponsorship, many local projects or events will give you a shout out, banner or link on their website.

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