Why Your Business Needs to Be Mobile Optimized

With almost everyone owning a smartphone, it should come as no surprise than many people look up business information on their mobile browser. But what is a surprise is that many websites still aren’t displayed properly on these phones. In order to cater to those who surf on the net on their phone, here are four reasons why your business needs to be mobile optimized.

  • Regular websites are made to be viewed on mobile devices. Most websites are displayed correctly on the small screen of a handheld mobile device. Users typically need to scroll down or side to side, and zoom in to read things. A website that is mobile optimized is designed in a way where are the important information is displayed correctly on a smartphone screen.
    Business details are presented in an easy to
    read format.
  • A mobile optimized site may bring your more mobile traffic. If your website is designed for mobile viewing, your visitors will have a better experience when they do come to your site on their mobile devices. Think about it … mobile screen is a mere 3 inches by 6 inches, at most. That isn’t much room for your viewers to see your website. Thus they need to scroll and enlarge to find what they are looking for. That can easily frustrate people, and they may leave in hopes of finding another site that is easier to read.
  • Many, MANY people use smartphones. Today, there are over 100,000,000 smartphones purchased each year in the United States alone. As of 2010, over half of those users got Internet on their phone. With these incredible numbers, and the fact that they are only going up, makes a very compelling case for having a mobile optimized website.
  • Your fancy graphics and fonts won’t show up on a mobile phone. You know all those specialized fonts you used and the clips you have playing via Flash Player? They are not exactly compatible with mobile devices. So all your hard work designing the perfect site will be lost on your viewers who don’t use a desktop computer or laptop.

Optimizing your website for mobile viewing can not only make it easier for your website visitors to read your information and search your site, it can also help increase your mobile traffic. With the staggering number of people using smart phones today, it makes sense to make sure that your business website is mobile optimized and easily viewed on any of these thousands of phones.

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