How to Make Your Search Listing More Effective

The goal of any blog post or web page is to get top billing on the search engine results, and then to get more clicks. Key words will help you get to the top, but what will help you get more views? To raise your click through rate (CTR), the best thing you can do it increase the size of your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) listing. Here is how to do that.

Take Full Advantage of the Meta Description

When it comes to SEO, the meta description is often pushed to the wayside to make room for keywords. Even though a complete meta description can’t get you a higher ranking, it can help get your more clicks. But not just any skimpy meta description will do. To write a great meta description you should:

  • Avoid short blurps. You are given 160 characters, use all of them.
  • Use a persuading call to action such as “Read about …” or “Learn how …” You can also phrase it in the form of a question like, “What if …?”
  • Add a cliff hanger. Draw in the reader and make them want to click on your link to find out more.

Optimize to Get Sitelinks

These are the links that are underneath your listing, and can link to the different pages on your website. Google will only display sitelinks if they think the links are useful to searchers. Here are some ways that you can increase your chances of getting these sitelinks:

  • Have a Google Webmaster account for your website. It’s easy to sign up and it will help you submit your URL and site map to Google, and can also help you get your site reconsidered for sitelinks.
  • Check all your links and remove any broken ones.
  • Remove any HTML errors.
  • Use anchor texts to get backlinks.
  • Increase your website traffic. The more organic traffic you generate, the more clout Google will give your website.
  • Make your website easy to navigate. Websites with links on the top of the page seem to get sitelinks more often.

Create Two Relevant Pages

Have you ever searched for something and gotten more than one result for the same domain? Google links pages from one domain when they come up on the same SERP. This means that if you have a page that shows up on the first SERP, and another that is on the second page, you can push the lower ranked one to the first page. Here is how to do this:

  • Match keywords from the higher ranked page. Do not use the same meta description, because that will cause Google to disregard it, but make it relevant and close.
  • Look at page optimization. Take a look at the page that ranks higher, and pay close attention to where the keywords are placed. Try to mimic this on your lower ranked page.
  • Drive links to your lower raked page. Use anchor texts on your lower ranked page. The main idea is to bump up the SEO and traffic on the lower ranked page to mirror the first page.

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