Marketing vs. Advertising: Is There a Difference?

Buy This! Come Find The Best Product Around! Shop Here Now For the Best Deals! Marketing and advertising often go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing. Both are very important parts of getting your products out there, but knowing the difference can help make or break your business. Here is a little about marketing and advertising, and what the difference is. Advertising is a public announcement used to convince customers to buy or use a product or business. Think commercials that aim to sell you things. It can take the form of a television commercial, magazine or newspaper print ad or even online landing page; and the advertisement is usually for paid by the company. It is not personal and seeks mainly to promote the company’s products.

Advertising has the goal of getting a response from the customers, and that response is typically purchasing something. It highlights the best features of a product or business, and makes the customers or viewers want to buy something. Marketing, on the other hand, is more of a process. It involves planning and implementing a series of activities. Unlike advertising, the main focus of marketing is the customers, and not the business. Marketing focuses on the customer; what they want from a product, what your product can do for them and also what changes you can make to keep your customers happy. The end product of marketing, of course, is to make the sale. But the process of getting there is much different from advertising. With marketing, there is more researched involved. Companies try to find out who they target audience is, and what that audience wants. The advertising message is then crafted and geared specifically for those people. Rather than getting people to act, marketing has the goal of getting to the customer’s emotions and desires. Its intent is to drive the customer toward a product by touching their wants and desires.

Both methods are effective for businesses, and both can be used simultaneously. However, knowing the difference can help you target your advertising and marketing plan to make it even more effective. In advertising, aim to get the sale. In marketing, aim your efforts on the customers and their feelings. Some campaigns may work better than others, just figure out what works best for your business and you will succeed.

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