Social Marketing Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Are Making

Let’s face it; digital media and social marketing are not going anywhere. It continues to become more and more integrated in our day-to-day and business lives. Many businesses are embracing social media marketing and utilizing to get ahead. You may have jumped on the bandwagon and are currently using social marketing, but what you may not know is that there are definitive dos and don’ts when it comes to this type of marketing. Here are some social marketing mistakes that you may have made, but didn’t know it.

  • Not posting consistently. In order to gain a following on Facebook, Twitter or Google, you can’t post haphazardly. You need to make sure that you have a plan and post regularly so that you can build your followers. Spend half an hour to an hour daily marketing your business on the top social sites. Choose a few of the top sites rather than attacking all of them.
  • Expecting too much for too little. Posting here and there is not going to get you home run results. People look for others who have something interested to add to their lives. If you do not put a decent effort into your posts, no one will be engaged enough to want to follow you.
  • Not spicing it up. If your social site or profile is bland, it can turn people off. Of course, you want to stay professional, but you can do so while still adding in a bit of personality. Talk about interesting facts, share a funny anecdote that relates to your business.
  • Not caring about making connections. Since you are using social media for business purposes, it is easy to get caught up in promoting products and making the sale. We sometimes forget that social sites’ main purpose is to make connections. Do not oversell your product or business. It is okay to promote it, but reach out and make social connections as well. Once connections are made, sales are not too far behind.
  • Not asking for followers. Don’t worry. It is okay to ask. How else are people going to know that you want them to Like or follow you? Add a request to your email signature or on your business card, and post a link to your profile page whenever possible.
  • Not standing out from the crowd. There are millions of people on social marketing sites, and you need to make yourself known. Post links to helpful articles or other useful tidbits. Share specials, sales and coupons with your followers. Give them something to look forward to and make them want to come back for more.

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