Easy Ways to Increase Page Rankings

Keeping your blog or website fresh is one of the best ways to raise your page rank. Google has recently started putting more focus on finding fresh content. In fact, their new index system, Caffeine, allows them to find new content regularly. Here are some easy tips that can help you keep your content fresh and increase your page rankings. You already know that updating your website every now and then will help get you noticed. But did you know that Google measures websites with higher number of pages differently than it does those with fewer pages? However, there are pros and cons to publishing frequently as well publishing less often. As an example, frequently publishing content will get your content indexed more frequently and raise your traffic. However, publish too often and you run the risk of lower quality content.

Create New Pages

  • Invite guest bloggers/writers
  • Create a disciplined schedule for your posts
  • Start a post series that can span over weeks to a month long

Update Old Pages

  • Review each post a day or two after publishing it to see if any changes can be made
  • Link old posts to new ones, and review the older posts as you do so
  • Rewriter old content every few months

Updating your past posts is another way to keep your content fresh. In addition to changing your content, how often you change it also makes a difference. To update often you can make sure your home page changes daily. If your website is a blog, you are updating your home page automatically each time you post. If you have a static website, you can modify your images and headlines often. Comments are another way to update your home page frequently. Encourage readers to comment, and respond with your own as well. Google likes to see visitors spend more time on pages. The more time people spend on your site, the fresher it will be. To get people to spend more time on your website, you can:

Get People to Spend More Time

  • Incorporate images and videos
  • Use plugins for Facebook, Twitter and other social sites
  • Make sure your pages load quickly. Nothing turns readers off faster than a website they can’t view fast enough
  • Write interesting content

Keeping your website fresh is important to Google, so it should be important to you. Learning how to stay on top of the search engine game will help you keep your site fresh and increase your page rankings.

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