Instagram-What This Hot New App Can Do For Your Business

Instagram is the hot new app that allows users to share their photos. With the new updated version for Android and the recent purchase by Facebook, Instagram is quickly gaining more and more users. This makes it a great platform for businesses to market their services and products and connect with people. Here are of the things Instagram can do for your business. Promote an event. If you have an upcoming event or marketing promotion, why not tell your customers about it through photos? You can post pictures of your products, past events or even a series of pictures about your business to get people interested. Find fans. Search on Instagram to find people who have interest in your product or similar products and connect with them. Host contests. Hosting contests for your followers is a fun way to get your customers involved. Have your customers take pictures with your items and send in their favorite one for you to pick the best. Or host a caption photo contest and have your customers come up with funny captions. You can give out prizes or discounts as incentives.

Tell your businesses’ history. Using photos is a great way to show your customers the history of your company. Was your business founded years ago by your ancestors? Did you do something unheard of in the industry when you first started out? Do you have a wonderful staff that you want to share with the world? Pictures of your founders, staff, office and even your customers are great to use to share your roots with others. Give detailed instructions for your products. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, and this is true for instructions. Some people have a hard time following written directions and prefer pictures instead. Posting step by step instructions through photos can help many of your customers.

Post photos on your company website. Instagram isn’t the only place you can view your Instagram pictures. Use the Instagram app to filter your photos and then post them on your main website. You can also install an Instagram widget on your website that will allow you to stream your most recent uploads for your visitors to see. This will make it easier for your customers to connect with you on Instagram when they find your website. Instagram is a newest social sharing app that allows people to share their photos and their world. Businesses can use this platform to share pictures and market their products. Are you using Instagram for your business? Leave a comment and tell us what it is doing for you.

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