Disavow and the Unnatural Links

Have you ever gotten a notification from Google about unnatural links? If you have, than this tool is for you. If you haven’t, well, you can take note anyway for future reference. On October 16th Google announced the launch of its much anticipated disavow links tool.

By now, we know that links are important in helping your blog or website get noticed by the search engines, and they also help boost your page ranking. However, since links are so important, they have become a target for link spammers. If you ever get a notification from Google regarding an unnatural links pointing to your site, you can try to remove them on your own. However, there may be times when your best de-spamming efforts just won’t cut it. Enter Google’s Disavow.

According to Google, the disavow links tool is supposed to help websites that need to clean up bad links; links that were either done through inexperienced SEO practitioners or spammers. Once you submit your website to the disavow tool, Google will look at as a suggestion and look into your links. It is not an instantaneous process; it can take weeks for your site to be completely disavowed. Google also warns that majority of websites shouldn’t use this new tool, and that it should be used with caution. You do not want to start ridding your sites of all links, because as we know, most links pointing to and from your site are good. Google plans to keep the disavow links tool as simple as possible. Users simply need to upload a text file of the URLs they want checked out, and Google will do the rest. Users can even include a list of links that they don’t want Google to touch.

The disavow links tool works like this. Users go to their Webmaster Tools, and enter their website URL into the box. They will be prompted by Google to then upload a text file with a list of the links they want Google to disavow. And that’s it. Google does the rest, and hopefully all the bad SEO and spam links will be no more. Does your website have a problem with unnatural links? Have you tried the disavow links tool yet? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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