How Often Do You Really Need to Blog?

When you run your own blog, there is always the question of how often to post. Post too much and you risk bombarding your readers’ news feeds, post too little and you risk getting lost in the overcrowded sea of blogs. So how often do you really need to blog?

Explaining Posting Frequency
Think of your favorite websites. Would you be more apt to visit those sites if the content didn’t change very often? Not likely right. But if those same sites
changed their stories more often, you would keep going back to them more often. The same idea goes for your blog. If your blog content hardly changes, what’s going to make people want to visit your blog all the time? However, if you post often enough, you can get people to keep coming back for more insightful information. In addition, frequent quality posts will help convince readers to subscribe to your blog or newsletter. Also, the more often you update your blog, the better your chances of getting higher up on the search engine results. Each time you post, you are adding new keywords to your blog and giving people more of a fighting chance to find your blog.

So How Often Should You Post? Posting daily may work for you. It certainly works well for some. Posting every day can help build up a steady routine and a good writing habit. Also, if your blog is news related, then posting daily is definitely a good idea. With the news changing daily, and even some top stories changing more often than that, news blogs can benefit from posting often so that they stay on top of the newest headlines and stories. If you are going to make posts daily, try to keep your posts on the shorter side. Readers generally don’t have time to read through 1000+ words on a daily basis. Also, vary your style of posts. If you are posting daily, utilize different types of blog posts such as videos, infographics, how-tos, bios and profiles, comparisons, news stories, reviews, etc.

If you feel daily postings are overkill, posting 2-3 times a week may be better for you. Rest assured, you do not have to post daily in order to succeed in blogging. Many successful bloggers do not post daily anymore. Remember, it is always better to post less often but have something insightful and truly useful to say, than to post daily just for the sake of putting something out there. It is the content, not the frequency, which brings readers back for more. To help ease your concerns, consider this. Not everyone is online at the same time. A handful of people will read your post on their newsfeed or RSS reader the first day you post it. But there are many others that won’t get to it until the day after, or even a couple days later. If you post daily, by the time those readers get to your post, they would have a few of your blog posts on their news roll and they probably won’t get to read all of them. Also, factor in tweets and re-tweets that will span a few days after your blog post is live. When it comes to blogging, there is no steadfast rule on how often you should post. However, posting frequently is the better option for gaining readers and climbing the search engine results.

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