StumbleUpon: Gimmick or Great Business Tool?

You may be thinking, not another social bookmarketing site. It lets users like websites, which can be shared with friends. You’ve heard it before right? So what makes StumbleUpon different? It’s that “Stumble” feature that randomly sends users a suggested website that is similar to the ones they have liked, or one that was liked by one of their friends. With over 30 million users, StumbleUpon is more than just a gimmick. It helps users find amazing new sites that they would never know about. One of the best things about it? It is also great for business! Here are some ways to utilize StumbleUpon to get your business noticed by millions.

Join communities. In order to ensure StumbleUpon suggests web pages that will pertain to you, you should join communities that target your business and your interests. You can also contribute similar pages so that StumbleUpon will suggest them to the users in your related communities. Friend those with similar interests. Start befriending people who submit pages that interest you. Chances are they will appreciate the website and pages you submit, and they will friend you back. This creates a mutual friendship, and also help you get found by other users who friend the same people. Personalize your StumbleUpon page. The more info you have about you and your business, the better. Add an avatar to your profile, either your photo or your business logo. Fill out sections that tell more about you; the General section and the Interests section are great for adding details about your business. Use StumbleUpon often. Sporadically submitting your own pages doesn’t go over well with this tech-savvy crowd. To win stumblers over, submit and stumble frequently. The more likes you get on pages you submit and stumble, the higher rated you will be in the community.

Tag your pages. To help you submissions get found, make sure that you tag them appropriately. This is will users who are searching for content like yours find your submissions. Inappropriately tagging your submissions will result in thumbs downs from the community, and no one wants that type of negative attention. Write great posts. With so many websites being submitted to StumbleUpon, you only get a split second to make a lasting impression with your own submissions. Make sure that your posts are captivating, and that the content is of good quality. Adding images or even videos helps get your posts noticed and liked. With millions of users on StumbleUpon, there is no reason not to try it out. This social bookmarking site can help you find others who may have interest in your business, and help others find you as well.

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