The Right Way to SEO

SEO gets a lot of attention. Done right, it can bring you more traffic and raise your website ranking to the top of the search results. Done wrong, it doesn’t really do much of anything for you. But how do you know you are going about your SEO campaign correctly? Luckily, there are some simple tactics you can use to help your chances of getting good results. Here are 5 ways to SEO the right way.

  • Fill out meta description. In your website’s meta fields, you will find sections where you can fill in your meta tags, with the biggest one being the description. While it is still debatable if the description affects your search rankings, it is still a very important field. Why? The meta description is what shows up in your search result and is what reads see when your website link pops up. A good description can determine whether or not readers will click on your link or not. It should be a well-thought out description of your post or article, not a bunch of keywords.
  • Write a good title tag. Search engines look at your title tag to determine what your webpage is about. Besides your meta descriptions, it is also the first thing searchers read in their search results. When you write your title tag, include a keyword or two, but there is no need to stuff it full of keywords. Keep your title short and captivating.
  • Use heading tags. Heading tags are helpful because they help web browsers, search engines and Internet users determine what your post is about. Your main title should have thetag. This tells search engines how to index your post. The sub-tags and are used for subheadings and sub-subheadings. They help break your content into sections. They don’t do much to assist search engines, but they do visually break up the page to make it easier for readers.
  • Put a description on your images. A short description on your images is often an overlooked step, but it does place additional keywords in your copy. For SEO purposes, utilizing the image description gives you an additional text that search engines can use when finding and indexing your website. The more pertinent text you have on your page the better.
  • Include titles on your hyperlinks. For your image and text links, be sure to include a title attribute. Something vague like “click here” or “follow this link” tell readers what to do, but they do not tell search engines what the link is for. A better title for your hyperlink is something like “see my plumbing services.” Not only does it tell your readers what the link will take them to, it also gives you an added opportunity to pop up on search results for plumbing services.

When you write content, you want to utilize keywords and good SEO practices to help boost your page ranking. However, not all SEO tactics are created equal, and some of the important ones are often overlooked.

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