What Reddit Can Do For Your Business

At first glance, Reddit looks confusing and quite messy. The homepage is a jumble of links and arrows. But once you decipher Reddit and how it works, it can be a great tool for your business. Read on to learn more about what Reddit and how it can help your business.

What is Reddit?
Reddit is basically a social bookmarking website that is run by users. All the posts are user-generated, and other users can vote them up or vote them down. The more votes a post gets, the higher up it stays on the home page of Reddit. If a post gets down votes, well, it can only go down until it’s bumped off the front page. Reddit expertly mixes link building, marketing and social sharing in one website.

How Do You Utilize Reddit For Business?
With Reddit featuring what is hot according to readers it should be no surprise that it can be great for businesses, especially those with a quality blog. Here are some tips to using Reddit for your business.

  • Submit your links. If you have a blog don’t be afraid to submit your links to Reddit. In order to get greater results, make sure that your posts are useful to others. They should also have catchy titles and be well-written.
  • Target more than one category. Consider what your content is about and choose relevant categories. Just because your business is a certain niche does not mean you have to stick to just that category. For example, if you are posting about new developments in your industry, add it under News or even Announcements. If you are explaining the way a product works, choose Gadgets, Technology or Today I Learned.
  • Upload photos and videos. Photos can make a post stand out in the sea of posts on that front page. Photos add a little something extra and they don’t take long to add.
  • Participate. Each user accumulates “karma.” It is a number next to each username that shows how much positive influence the user has had on the Reddit community. The higher your karma number, the more influence you have and the more likely you will get followed. You can gain karma points by submitting links that others vote up. However, you can’t get karma for posting your own stuff, so search the web for interesting blog posts and articles. You can also get karma by voting often.

Reddit is a social sharing site that is quickly gaining users. With users posting and voting for what they think is hot and trending, it is a great way to promote your own business blog posts.

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