6 Easy Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Your blog has been up and running for some time now, but yet you have no comments. Why? You write well. Your posts are useful. But still, you blog goes unheard, unread and uncommented on. If you can relate to this scenario, listen up. Here are 6 easy things that you can do to increase the amount of comments you get on your blog.

  • Be honest in your posts. Yes your blog has value, but are you honest and sincere? Honesty is a great way to present your readers with a brand new, and interesting, perspective. People appreciate sincerity, even online.
  • Don’t make it hard for readers to comment. If your readers need to sign up, fill out a form and fill out a captcha just to leave a comment, chances are you aren’t going to get very many. Take a look at your commenting system and make sure that it’s fairly simple. Allow commenting as a guest, or sign in’s with other social media accounts to make it easy for your readers.
  • Request comments. If you ask, you shall receive. This may sound needy and desperate, but it works. How are people going to know you want them to comment on your post if you don’t ask? Simply stating at the end of each post to “leave a comment” can open the floodgates for comments.
  • End with a question. Again, you are basically asking for your readers to respond in the comments. End your posts with a question so that people will know they can comment and leave their opinion. Pose questions like: “What do you think?” Or “What is your take on the situation?” and “Have you used this method before? What are your results?” These are open ended questions that ask your readers to leave you their views and opinions in your comments.
  • Make your question easy to find. If you plan on ending your posts with a question, consider setting it apart from the rest of your post. Hit return once after your final sentence to leave space for the question. You can also choose to use a different font or bold it. Many readers skip ahead to the end of posts, so make it impossible for them to miss your plea for comments.
  • Respond to your comments. When you do get a comment, respond to it. You want your readers to know you are open to conversation, and that you value what they have to say. They took the time to comment, you should take the time to write back. Be engaging and respond in a timely manner, especially if the comment asks you a question back.

Having a successful blog takes work, and getting readers to comment does too. Be engaging and honest, make it easy for readers and be responsive and you should see more comments coming in.

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