Optimizing Images for Even Better Rankings

Adding images to your blog posts are good for breaking up the monotony of text and adding something nice and colorful to look at. But did you know that images can also help you get traffic and raise your search engine rankings too? Optimizing your images is easier than it sounds, and we are going to tell you how to do so that you can raise your website rankings. Add alt text. This is what tells search engines what the image is about. When readers see an image, they immediately recognize it, but search engines don’t. By adding alt text, you are enabling the search spiders by helping them recognize the image. Once they know what thy image is about, they can correctly categorize it. To do this, add alt=”image subject” in your image tag.

Use smaller files. Faster load times affect SEO and page views. It also helps boost reader count, because readers don’t want to stick around to wait for files to load. Making your files as small as you can without losing the quality of the image will help speed up your load times. Use an editing program to help you resize your image to the right size, and then upload your new image to your post. Pick a good filename. Make your filename description and SEO savvy by using highly searched for keywords. This will help bring up your image, and your website, in the Google image search results.

Lower your bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? When surfers do a search, they may click on your page, but bounce back to the search results. The search engine pays attention to this and uses it to factor your page rankings. How can you lower the rate using images? By adding relevant captions to your images. Captions that are relevant will help readers know what your blog post or website is about, and will help keep them on your page. Adding images to your blog posts or webpage makes it more eye-appealing. Correctly optimizing those images can get your better search rankings. Follow these tips to optimize your images to that you can gain higher rankings and more readers.

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