What is a Landing Page and How to Use One Effectively

A landing page is just that – a page for your readers to land on. It is the page that your readers are directed to from another link or website. A good landing page is not only a welcome page, but a sales page. It typically is used for lead generation, to capture information from your reader such as name and email address. If done right, you can raise your conversion rate and generate leads. So how do you do a landing page the right way? Here are some helpful hints. Use keywords. Similar to using keywords for search engine purposes, in a landing page, you want to use keywords that your target reader will be looking for. You will want to feature these words; place them where they will be easily seen. Your landing page should be related to the page that led the reader to your website, and they will be looking for that confirmation that it is related. It is your job to confirm this. Add value to your landing page. The goal of your landing page is it to gain sales and up your conversion rate. Use language that is value-oriented to convince your readers that filling out your form or spending time on your site is worth it. Put incentives in your header like “Get a coupon for…” or “with this free consultation, you will get…” It will immediately show your reader the value in filling in their information.

Explain the benefits. When you are explaining the points and features, point out the benefits. Your readers are going to ask “So what?” and “What’s in it for me?” Answer these questions in your landing page copy for them. Make it easy for your reader to find out what is in it for them if they give you info. Keep your copy to the point. Another thing that will turn readers off is a too long landing page. They do not want to read an entire page to find out what you are all about. Thank them for visiting, let them know what’s in it for them and let them know their information will be kept private. Let them so the rest by filling out your form. Don’t require too much. If you include a form to fill out, ask for a minimal amount of information. The more info you ask for, the more you will turn readers off. In fact, your landing page should only require information to give your reader something free. Like a short form asking for name, company and email address so that your reader may get a free e-book is perfect.

A good landing page can get you more sales. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to write a landing page. Follow these hints for an effective landing page.

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