Blog Writing vs How You Were Taught to Write

Throughout high school and even college, you were taught to write well. Pay attention to grammar and sentence structure, or suffer the consequences (mostly a bad grade, but still a consequence). Well, now you’re in the business blogging world, and everything you learned can be thrown out the window. Here is how blog writing differs from academic writing. You have a voice. When writing a research paper or even a book report, chances are you were expected to write it without giving your own opinion. Standard format specifies that you start with an introduction paragraph that tells your reader what you are writing about, follow up with supporting paragraphs, and then close with a conclusion that sums it all up. When you write a blog post, it is your chance to use your voice. You can insert you steadfast opinions, even ramble off topic if you wish. Of course, writing well and staying on topic will help your readers understand your thoughts, but you are welcome to add some personality to your posts.

Go ahead and use the word “I.” Just as you aren’t allowed to have an opinion, you aren’t allowed to use the word “I” or write in first person. When blogging, it is not frowned upon to do either of these. In fact, you can switch between third and first person when writing with no problem. So go ahead, write your post on something, and then add your view in. Title is everything. The title of your blog post is perhaps the most important aspect of your post. If you title does not reach out and grab your readers’ attention, chances are they will leave your blog faster than you can blink. Sure, your content does matter too, but unlike academic writing your title weighs heavily on whether or not someone will chose to actually read it.

Throw grammar to the wind. Blog writing is much less formal than academic writing. You can use contractions and even fragments if you wish. There are some grammar rules that you should adhere to; you don’t want your post completely unintelligible, but some of the big “don’ts” for English papers are fine when blogging. The type of writing you were always taught is not the same as blog writing. Blog writing is more informal. It breaks some of the rules, and lets you speak your mind while still delivering valuable information for your readers.

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