Is Your Marketing Up-to-Date?

Gone are the days of mass advertising. Simply sending out brochures, posting fliers or making television commercials no longer work like they once used to. Today’s consumer is smarter: smarter about the products they buy and smarter with their money. Because of this new and improved super shopper, your marketing strategy needs to keep up. Here are some ways to keep your marketing up-to-date. Advertise online. This should come as no surprise, since majority of the world now has Internet access. More and more people are staying home. They want to pop in a DVD instead of going to the theatre; they are cooking meals rather than eating out. Putting up billboards and posters are not going to reach these types of consumers.

People are looking to their computers for answers, information and products. Focus your marketing with online ads, banners and landing pages to maximize your online exposure. Don’t forget local customers. Many shoppers are looking to support local businesses if they can find good resources locally. Geographically targeting customers online and offline can help you gain success with your local market. Ad networks can now figure out where visitors are located with they visit a website. This information can be used to position your business locally and find the right advertising methods for those customers. Reach your target customer. Sending out a bunch of ads and hoping someone will bite isn’t nearly as effective as directly advertising to the people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Why spend time and money of people that will never buy your product or service. Instead, do some market research and figure out your target customer. Who are they? Where do they shop? How do they spend money? Narrowing down your audience will improve your return on investment rate. Make it easy for customers to save. With the downward turn of the economy, many shoppers are looking for a way to save a few bucks.

This doesn’t mean that you need to offer coupons and discounts left and right, you simply need to show your customers the value in your product or services. Can you offer something that will potentially save people time and money in the long run? Use that angle in your marketing to appeal to those trying to save some money. Today’s savvy consumer wants to know more about the products they buy and is a little more wary about how they spend their money. Keep your marketing tactics up-to-date by advertising online, strategically advertising locally, focusing your audience and showing customers the value in your business.

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