5 Attention Grabbing Blog Post Openers

A great title can grab your readers’ attention, but what happens after the title? Your opening sentence should be just as amazing in order to keep the momentum going. Blog post openers can make readers continue on or decide to leave your blog. To ensure you hold readers’ attention, here are 5 great tips to write an attention grabbing blog post opener.

  • Ask a question. Opening with an inquiry will immediately get readers thinking. Questions are a good way to open posts just because they get readers thinking and involved in what you are going to tell them.
  • Go for the shock factor. Find an interesting and shocking statistic that relates to your post. Readers love interesting facts, and those that are shocking are even more engaging and awe-inspiring. Just make sure the factoid relates to what you are going to tell your readers, or risk losing them once they get past your first sentence.
  • Use a quote. A quote can be either a fact or statistic, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a general quote that someone said that relates to your blog post. The goal of a quote is to set the stage for the rest of your post. If you are adding a block quote in your post, set it apart by giving it a different look. Use the HTML code <blockquote> to differentiate the text.
  • Create a mental image. Opening with thought inducing words like “picture this” or “imagine” can get readers emotionally invested. Have a call to action that asks your readers to think about something that can call up memories and emotionally charged thoughts to grab their interest.
  • Use a metaphor or analogy. Another way of invoking a mental image, a metaphor or analogy can be a powerful device that allows you to tell a story in a single sentence. This method of storytelling can capture your readers’ attention from the get-go, and also get them to produce a mental image that allows them to feel as though they are telling the story themselves.

Engaging headlines will get readers to click on your blog, but a great opener will help keep them attention. Use any one of these 5 techniques for an attention grabbing blog post opener that is sure to keep them reading.

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