How to Write Facebook Status Updates That Get Noticed

With over 1 billion users worldwide, you can’t afford not to use Facebook to market your business. There’s probably no chance you will ever reach all those people, but you can help yourself get noticed by more people that matter. Here’s how to do it.

  • Keep it short. Long status updates tend to get overlooked-people just don’t want to sit and read a long essay when browsing Facebook. Also, since many users are browsing via a mobile device, long updates just aren’t optimized to fit on the smaller screens. Keep updates around 225 characters for the best response.
  • Offer something of value. Facebook users want to see something that will teach or advise them. In fact, updates that do contain something that teaches is shared more often than an update that doesn’t. To teach your readers, you can share new content, add famous quotes that inspire or share important stats that relate to your industry.
  • Share a link. Sharing your latest blog post is a great way to get noticed on Facebook, and drive more traffic to your blog. Simply write a short blurp describing the post and include the URL and you have a status update that not only informs and teaches, but also sends people directly to your own blog or website.
  • Time your updates. Posting the best update ever won’t get noticed if no one you know is online. Time your updates for when most of your Facebook friends are using the social network, and are sure to see and share it. In most cases, Saturdays are the best days to post, usually around midday.
  • Don’t update too often. In addition to posting at the right times, you shouldn’t update too often. Post too much, and people won’t read all of your updates. Posting every other day is usually best. Post once and make it memorable is the best philosophy when it comes to Facebook status updates.

Facebook is a great way to share info with your online friends, and also gain new followers. Posting status updates is the best way to get attention amidst the business of the biggest social network. Use these 5 tips to write updates that will get your business noticed and your posts liked and shared.

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