Need New Blog Topics? 5 Ways to Find Interesting Things to Blog About

If you have been blogging for a while, you may find that it is getting harder and harder to come up with new and exciting blog topics. Rather than throw your hands up in frustration and think all blogger hope is lost, use any of these 5 ideas to come up with new topics that are interesting and engaging. Check your own blog’s history. Search through your website analytics and find which posts received the most traffic and the most comments. Use your top posts to generate new ideas. Have any of these topics been in the news lately? Have the facts of any of them changed since you last posted? Think of new “how to” ideas or even use the same idea, but add a new twist on it.

Look to current events. If your business can relate to something that has been featured in the news, use it to come with blog topics. If the topic is really newsworthy, you can easily jump on the shirt tails of the news buzz. If it has been in the news lately, chances are customers are passionate about it one way or the other, and they will care about your take on it. Use Twitter. With so many people on Twitter posting their every thought, you can easily use it as a platform to come up with new topics. Use hashtags related to your industry and discover what people are talking about. Look for questions that they are asking that you could answer, or topics that they really care about for a post that is sure to spark some interest.

Address what you can do for your customers. Every customer has a problem, and they are looking towards you to solve it. Whether you solve that problem with a product you sell or a service you offer is not the most important factor. The main point is to write about how you can help your potential customers with what is ailing them. Check popular niche blogs. In every field, there are a couple of main blogs. They feature the well-known bloggers and get the most traffic. Chances are if they are blogging about a topic, then it is worth your time to do the same. Never copy a blog post word for word, but do use a popular idea and put your own spin on it. Maybe write about your own opinion or take the opposing view point.

Just because you have been writing your business blog for a while now, it doe s not mean that the topics need to dry up or get boring. Use any of these 5 ways to generate new ideas for topics that are sure to be interesting and gain traffic.

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