Using Videos in Your Marketing

If you’ve ever heard of the term viral video, you are aware how popular a video can become. Nowadays, videos aren’t just for entertaining; they are also a great marketing tool for businesses. Adding a video to your website can give you a new element for optimizing and can help boost your search engine rankings. As a business, there are different types of videos you can create. Here is an introduction to the kinds of videos you could add to your website, and tips for first time videographers. Video Ideas for Businesses Demonstrate how your product works. Do you have a product that could use some demonstration? A video is the perfect way to show your customers how to use your products. It gives your customers a way to see firsthand how to use the product. Share customer testimonials. Have your satisfied customers share how your products or services have helped them. Nothing elevates your stock with potential customers like a good review from real customers. Introduce the people behind the scenes. Introducing your company’s staff is a simple way to let your customers get to know you. When customers get to know the faces behind the business, they are more apt to feel compassion and dedication, and in turn be more loyal to you. Show your actual products. Seeing a real, video image of a product can influence a potential customer to buy something. Seeing the image from all angles instead of a flat image in the computer screen will give them a much better idea of what the product looks like, and give them more reason to buy.

First Timer Tips

  • Have a script, but don’t read from it. You want to look relaxed in your video. Study your notes and come prepared, but just let the words flow when it comes time to shoot. Reading directly from a script or cue cards looks too stiff and turns viewers off.
  • Keep it short. Don’t make your videos too long. Figure out the best points you want to talk about and cut the video at about 2-3 minutes. You want to educate and talk to your customers, and you can’t do that if you lose their attention.
  • Encourage viewer comments. Asking for comments and feedback is a great way to engage your viewers and get them talking and sharing your video. The more viewers share, the more chance you have of your video going viral.
  • Add a call to action. At the end of your video, add in a call to action for your viewers. It can be asking them for information (“Leave a comment and let us know…” or “Share your view with us…”) or it can be more action driven (“Click on the link for more information…” or “To find out more visit…”)

Adding a video to your website is a great marketing tool that can reach many new customers. Use any of these ideas, plus the useful tips, for a marketing video that can help you gain more customers and more page clicks.

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