How Important is Your Blog’s Theme?

Before even reading your content, visitors have decided if they like or don’t like your blog. It’s unfortunate, but many people do judge a blog by its theme. You can spend countless hours and money driving traffic to your blog, but if the blog itself doesn’t look good, it may all be for naught. The theme you pick is very important, so here are some important features that you can consider to help you pick the right theme for your blog.

SEO capability. Other marketing aside, SEO is still important to getting your website found. Because of that, you want to pick a theme that is SEO-friendly. Having the ability to write descriptions and titles for each page and post is a valuable asset. Browser compatibility. Once upon a time, Internet Explorer was the browser of choice. Today, viewers are using Safari, Firefox, Chrome and even mobile devices to surf the Internet. Having a theme that is readily compatible with any browser (desktop or mobile) will benefit your blog. Customization. Being able to customize your theme will allow you to make it fit your blog even more. Some things to look for is the ability to change the color scheme, sidebar layout, header, logo area and menus. Widget ready.

Widgets are small blocks of apps or content that you can change and customize. They are typically placed in the sidebar, but can also go into the header, footer and body. Widgets include social media streaming, social media follow buttons, recent post display, recent comment display, RSS follow button and tag cloud. Widgets are completely customizable and can help you display whatever it is you want your readers to see, so you want to choose a theme that allows you to add widgets throughout your blog. Multi-media friendly. If your blog is done on WordPress, you should be able to embed images and videos on any page. However, if you are planning to utilize videos and images often, there are many themes that are better suited for your needs. Many themes come with areas to plugin videos on the home page, or feature a layout suitable for an online magazine. It will make uploading and displaying your images and videos that much easier.

Picking the right theme can mean the difference between keeping and losing readers. To make sure your blog is the best it can be, consider all the options that the different themes have to offer. Also think of what your purpose is and pick a theme that will help you achieve your goals.

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