7 Tips to Help You Raise Your Alexa Rank

Do you know what your Alexa Rank is? Alexa, a web information company, ranks every website based on a specific algorithm. They rank the most successful sites on the Internet, and that ranking can be used for analysis, research, benchmarking or just plain stauts. Your Alexa ranking isn’t necessarily affected by the amount of traffic you have, but it does help attract advertisers to your blog. If this is important to you, there are ways you have help improve your Alexa Rank.

Here are 7 great tips to try out.

  • Install the toolbar. Alexa only counts the hits that pass through their system via the Alexa toolbar in their scoring. Do yourself a favor and download the toolbar yourself. Also ask your friends and family members to do it too. You can download the toolbar here.
  • Add the widget to your blog. Since Alexa only counts the hits that go through their system, try adding an Alexa-provided widget to every page of your website.
  • Write a post about Alexa. Calling attention to the issue could help in your favor. Write a post about Alexa Ranking, or even a review of it, and ask your readers to review your blog on Alexa.com.
  • Comment on the blogs in the Blogging and Technology niche. Chances are the heavy-hitters in this niche also have an Alexa widget, and a higher Alexa rank. Use their status to your advantage by commenting, and backlinking, on their posts. It’s a good way to get more traffic, and raise your Alexa rank since Alexa looks at the number of backlinks you have.
  • Keep your blog/website updated. Keeping your blog or website frequently updated can help your ranking as well. Failing to do so can cause your ranking to slip.
  • Write good posts. Quality posts can help your ranking. The better your posts are, the more people will comment, link and share it, thus allowing your site to pass through many more computers that have the Alexa toolbar.
  • Share your posts. Promoting your own posts on social networking sits like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumble Upon can bring you more traffic, which of course helps your Alexa Rank.

The better you Alexa Rank, the more clout you may have with other bloggers, business owners and advertisers. Single-handedly raising your Alexa rank is no easy feat, but it can be done. Try out these 7 tips to increase the Rank of your own blog or website.

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