Boost Blog Traffic Using LinkedIn

With the abundance of content on the Internet, it can be a struggle to get your name out there and get the most traffic. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are great for spreading your posts, but if you are looking for another outlet, look to LinkedIn. The Groups of LinkedIn are great for connecting with like-minded individuals, and provide a place where you can share your thoughts and blog posts. Ready to get started with LinkedIn? Here is how.

  • Join LinkedIn. Start by joining the networking site and creating a detailed profile, highlighting your business and skills. Start connecting to others on LinkedIn, starting with people in your personal network. Some LinkedIn groups require your membership to be approved, and completing your profile to show you are in the correct niche will help move that process along.
  • Join a group. Navigate to the tab labeled “Groups.” Type in your profession or other keywords related to your profession to find groups centered around your industry. You can also try searching for your country, state or city to find groups in your profession, in your location. Seek out the groups that have the highest number of members, and also appear to be quite active. Click on the “Join Group” button to immediately join, or send a request to be approved to join.
  • Participate in the group. Once you are in, start answering questions and starting your own discussion. You want the group to see your input as valuable, and come to trust you. The last thing you want to do is be seen as spammy, and immediately posting links to your blog without contributing can be seen as such.
  • Share your blog post. Once you have been participating for a while and have contributed positively to the community, it’s time to start sharing your own posts. Before you post, read the rules of your group. Some groups discourage promoting your own posts, so you want to abide by their rules. Start a Discussion and put your blog post title in the subject box. Beneath that you will be able to add more details. Use this box to give a brief summary of your post so that your group members will know what to expect. Lastly, attach the link to your blog to direct your fellow group members to your blog post.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that is great for connecting you with others in the same industry. Take advantage of the Groups on this site, and share your own blog posts to those who are actually interested in the same things as you are.

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