Using Social Media to Get Business Reviews

A first person account from a loyal customer is about the best advertisement you can get. Not only will the good markup make your business look good, other customers tend to place high value on the good views of someone who has already been there, done that. You can flat out ask customers for a review, or you can also gather them from your social networks. Here are some ideas for using social media to get reviews for your business.

Facebook, the tried and true of social media, is great for getting reviews from your customers. The Review Tab allows users who visit your business page to see reviews and recommendations left by others, or they can even leave a review of their own. To get this Facebook feature, you must list your local address and allow your page to be shown on the map.

Your Google+ local business page is very useful for obtaining and displaying reviews. If you’re familiar with Yelp for your business, Google+ is a similar setup. Encouraging customers to leave you a review on your Google+ page is a great way to get exposure, particularly because it shows up at the top of search results.

This career-minded social network has its own method of recommending. You can ask for a recommendation for your business, services or products shown on your page. The downfall is that in order for someone to recommend you or your business, they need to be in your network.

Twitter and Pinterest
These two networks are quickly gaining exposure in the business world, unfortunately, neither have a special feature that allows others to leave reviews or recommendations. On the bright side, you can still use them to spread the word about your business. If you get a review on another site, tweet about it. You can even display the tweets on your website to integrate all your sites together. On Pinterest, you can build a pin board dedicated to your customers. You can pin stories, testimonials and videos regarding your business.

First hand reviews from actual customers are one of the best ways to gain clout. You can use your social media accounts to get you good reviews from the people who actually use your products and services. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest should all have a place in your review-getting strategy for your business.

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