Optimizing an E-commerce Website

We all know by now that for getting online traffic, SEO is very important. But what do you do when your site doesn’t have a ton of text? Just because you run an e-commerce website, does not mean you have to skimp on the SEO. Here are 5 ways you can optimize your e-commerce website for better traffic results. Have good content. Beyond sticking targeted keywords throughout your website, optimization is about quality content. Have well-written, informative text embedded into your site where ever you can. On your home page, describe your company. For each product, write a short description. You can use targeted keywords in these descriptions, but make sure the writing quality is high.

Avoid duplicate content. With Google looking closer, and avoiding, duplicate content, e-commerce sites have to be especially careful. Vary the descriptions for your products. This can be difficult for stores with hundreds or thousands of products, but you help your site along by changing up the meta descriptions, titles and tags. Use static URLs. While Google bots crawl both static and dynamic URLs, it appears that they have an easier time indexing static ones. What’s the difference? A static URL is one that doesn’t change, whereas a dynamic one can be pulled and changed on demand.

Change it up. For an e-commerce site, optimization shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Your products will change, your special offers will vary. Each time you make a change to your business, it’s a chance to change up your SEO. Highlight your offers with a simple headline and an enticing description that incorporate your target keywords well. Add videos to your site. A product video that showcases your products is great for backlinks and even more keyword opportunities. Got a new product launching? Add a video to tell your customers about it. Have a product that is particularly difficult to put together? Make a video demonstrating the steps. Videos are great because you can embed them on your site, and you can also post them on social networks to help drive even more traffic back to your website.

Just because your website is more online shop than blog, doesn’t mean you can’t optimize it. Make sure the content you do have is of quality, avoid duplicates as much as possible, use more static URLs, vary your content often and add marketing videos to your site to better optimize your e-commerce website.

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