Where to Promote Your Infographic

In out last post we talked about how to create an infographic. Once you have completed your task, it’s time to promote it to get you the most traffic. But where do you start? Here are just some of the places you can promote your infographic online.

  • Blogs or websites that actively promote infographics. Sites like Submit Infographics, Cool Infographics and Daily Infographic post interesting and informative infographics on their sites. Contact them to submit yours.
  • Blog leaders in your industry. Look for blogs in your niche that seem to have the most followers. Check to see if they accept guest posts. If they do, send them an email asking if you can submit your infographic to them. Even if they don’t normally accept guest authors, you can try asking anyway.
  • Social networks. Post a link to your blog post with your infographic on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and whatever other social networks you frequent. Also, be sure to include social sharing buttons so that your readers can easily share it with their friends and followers. Include a simple comment at the bottom of your post such as, “Did you find this infographic informative? If yes, please consider sharing it with your friends.”
  • Social bookmarking sites. Share your finished infographic on social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon or Delicious.
  • Email mailing list. If you have a strong list of email subscribers, send out your infographic via email.
  • National blogs. If your information has a global appeal, consider translating your text to other languages and submitting the infographic to national or regional blog directories.
  • Search engines. You can help your infographic get found by making it searchable. Include keywords like “infographic” and “free” in your title tag and meta description.
  • Press release distribution sites. Write up a press release and submit your infographic to press release distribution sites such as 24-7 Press Release, Ecomm Wire, News Wire Today, and PR Buzz.

Once you have designed and posted your infographic, you will need to do the promoting. Your infographic won’t be successful, and you won’t get the traffic you want, if you don’t get your work out there. The 8 places listed here are great places to start with when you need to promote your infographic.

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