How to Write a Blog Post That Gets You Customers

  • Scribbling out a blog post just to have something to post can definitely work against you. Posts should be of quality and deliver valuable information to its readers for any blog. But for a business blog, good blog content can actually help you get more sales. Here is how to write posts that will gain you more customers.
  • Make your content original. Content that is original and current is much more likely to be indexed by Google, and Google can help your business blog get found which can lead to more sales. Using content that isn’t of value or is copied and pasted from somewhere else will hurt your search engine results and reflect negatively on your blog.
  • Solve your readers’ problem. People are searching the Internet to find information that can help them. Make sure that your blog content does just that. While you may want to promote your business or highlight your next product, your blog shouldn’t solely be about your business. Write content that contains some sort of information, and helps solve whatever problem it is that your audience has. If you give people the answers they need, they are more likely to spend money on your products.
  • Make your content scan-able. While the actual content is key, the presentation of the words makes a difference as well. Many online readers don’t actually read entire articles or posts. They scan. Take advantage of things like subheadings, bullets and graphs to make your content understandable to those who merely scan. If those scanners like your content, they are more likely to become a customer.
  • Be honest. Customers like to shop with people they know and trust. By showing your readers a more personal side of your business, you can get them to trust you. Candidly and openly sharing information in your blog posts can get people to know the heart behind the business, and in turn start to trust you. If they trust you, they are more likely to give up their information for mailing lists, and purchase things from you.
  • Writing quality blog posts is important for any blog. If you are running a business blog, writing good posts is especially necessary. Make sure that your content is original, make it helpful to readers, make it scan-able and be honest and you can see your business start to get more customers through your blog.

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