Is Your Business Website Mobile Friendly?

With so many people using mobile phones and tablets to do business and browse the Internet, your business can’t afford to not be mobile friendly. But what exactly does that mean? Being mobile friendly means much more than making sure your site can be viewed on a mobile device. It means that your site can adapt to the size of the mobile screen, without your readers having to zoom in and out to read your content. Is your business website mobile friendly? If not, don’t worry. It isn’t difficult to make sure it is. Here 4 tips that can help you make sure your business website is mobile friendly so that your readers can get the best experience, no matter what size screen they use.

  • Use a responsive design. Responsive designs have the ability to adapt to any device it is viewed on. Your website will show up differently when a reader uses a desktop computer than it does on a handheld device. You can either choose a theme that is already responsive, or you can use a plugin that will make it so.
  • Be careful with images. High-resolution photos look great on tablets and mobile phones, but you want to make sure that your images can load quickly on those screens. If a viewer visits your website and it doesn’t load fast enough, they will quickly leave.
  • Make sure that your website is consistent. With a responsive design, not everything on your website will show up on a mobile screen. However, you want to make sure that the important elements stay the same. Check your website on different screens to make sure that your logo, fonts and pages are working well on all of them.
  • Use simple navigation. Website navigation is different on a small screen like a smart phone. Check your site to make sure that anyone with any size fingers can easily navigate your webpages on their phone. Also check your icons and any other clickable buttons to make sure they are working and easily accessible.

More and more Internet users are browsing on tablets on mobile phones than ever. If your business website isn’t capable of adapting to any size screen, now is the perfect time to make it so. Choose a responsive design, be selective with your images, check to see if your site is consistent across all screen sizes and make sure that your navigation is simple. Use these 4 tips and your website will be easily read on any size screen, and will reach even more online viewers.

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