Getting the Most Out of Subscription Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are annoying. They are intrusive. Yet they can be great for getting viewer subscriptions. Have you noticed that many big name blogs have a pop-up subscription as soon as you land on their page? This is not an accident. Pop-ups are actually a great way to increase your email subscribers. Want to give this marketing tactic a try? Here are some dos and don’ts for optimizing your pop-ups, so you can get the most out of them.


    • Time it right. This is perhaps the most important factor that will help you get the best results. Have your pop-up appear too quickly, and you can turn readers off. Wait too long, and you may miss others. The best time for a pop-up to show up is about one minute after the visitor gets to your site.
    • Factor in page views. Showing your pop-up after a person views one page can get you a higher conversion rate, but will give you fewer impressions. On the other hand, waiting until after 5 page views will give you fewer impressions than if you show the pop-up after 2 page views. The take-away: factor in both time and page views when filtering your pop-ups.
    • Put them at the end of your content. Readers who actually get to the end of your post are truly interested in your content. Take advantage of that interest by displaying your pop-up at the end of your posts.
    • Have an attention-grabbing headline. Like your posts, people are more apt to pay attention to your subscription pop-up if you have a catchy headline. Make your readers an offer that is so compelling that they can’t refuse.


  • Show it too often. You want readers to opt-in, not run for the hills because you are spamming them. When you set up your pop-up, you can choose to display it only for new viewers, or one a week or whatever frequency you desire.
  • Attempt to keep people on your page. There are some pop-ups that don’t allow people to exit a page. Don’t use them; they just turn readers off.
  • Ask for too much. Subscription pop-ups, though effective, are intrusive enough. Spare your readers by asking the bare minimum. Ask them to fill in just their name and email or even just their email. You can always get more information later.
  • Pop-ups are typically viewed at as negative, a having a subscription pop-up on your site can actually help increase your conversion rates. To get the most out of your marketing campaign, take into consideration these dos and don’ts when creating your subscription pop-up.

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