Where to Get Free Images for Your Blog Posts

Blog posts that contain images get more traffic and more attention. This is why it is important to add images to all your posts. You can buy the rights to images, but that will end up costing a lot over time. Instead, there are many sites you can get free images from. The caveat: in most cases, you need to properly cite the author or adhere to other guidelines specified by the author. Usually, you are simply required to name the person or photographer to give them credit for their work. So, with that said, here are 3 websites that offer great, free images that you can use in your blog posts.

Google Image

  • Google is still the most beloved search engine, so it only makes sense to use it to search for free images. The problem with Google is that there are so many images available, and you may not be able to freely use just any ol’ image you find there.
  • To remedy this problem, sort your searches by license. Once you have searched your keyword, click on the wheel icon and go to “Advanced Search.” Scroll all the way down to Usage Rights and select one of the “free” options. Your results should be more specific and you should be allowed to freely use any of the images you find.

Creative Commons

  • The grand daddy of creative images. In the search box, enter your keyword. Click on one of the license options if you want something you can use for commercial purposes or that you can modify. Now choose the site you want to search.
  • You can search images, the web, music and even videos on Creative Commons. You should yield many results of image that have “some rights reserved.” Make sure you check the licensing requirements and cite the image author in your post.


  • Another site that offers all free images. There’s no catch to this one, just download and alter as needed.
  • Adding images to your blog posts breaks up the text, adds color to your pages and grabs readers attention.
  • To add an image to every blog post you write without breaking the bank, search for free images that are available to use. Google Image, Creative Commons and All-Free-Download are 3 great sites that you can easily find the right image for your post at no cost to you.

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