Website Metrics Every Website Owner Needs to Know

Online businesses take the time to measure sales, but there are other numbers they should be paying attention too as well. Website metrics can tell you how many of your pages your viewers are looking at, how your backlinks look or how many visitors come back to your site. These numbers are important for telling you all about your website reputation. Here is a look at the website metrics you need to pay attention to Conversion rate. If your website asks visitors to sign up for something, buy a product or partake in some other engagement, then your conversion rate is very important.

It will tell you exactly how well your website is doing at converting viewers into buyers or subscribers. Use it to monitor your different campaigns, messages, color schemes and content, and see what works best for your audience. Pageviews per visit. This will tell you how many pages a visitors looks at when they visit your site. Why is this important? Because it tells you that viewers are looking at more than one page and reading more than one article or blog post.

If you find most people are viewing just one page, it might mean that they were not impressed with your first page and decided to leave. If that is the case, find out what page most visitors are coming to and switch it up to make it more engaging. Number of return visitors. Another metric regarding your visitors, this one tells you how many are coming back to your site. As an online business, you want visitors to keep coming back to your website. This number will tell you just how many of your viewers have been there before.

Backlink profile. This monitors where your links are coming from. If your inbound links are spammy or too explicit, Google will look negatively at your site. Also, your anchor texts should fit naturally into your content. With Google getting smart in its fight against spam, your website’s link reputation is very important.

If your business does anything online, there are certain website metrics you need to pay attention to. Watching how you are converting your visitors, how many pages they are looking at, how many of them are returning and checking your backlinks will tell you how well your website is doing and how effective your marketing tactics are.

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