Are Your Meta Descriptions Effective Enough?

Meta descriptions can mean the difference between getting a reader to click on your website and completely bypassing it. It is that little blurb that appears under your search engine result listing that tells potential readers just what your link is about. It is the first piece of content that searchers see of your site so it makes sense that your meta descriptions should be effective. Are yours effective enough to get those searchers to click on your link? If you aren’t sure, here are some tips to improve yours.

Make sure that your meta descriptions are relevant. Sounds pretty self-explanatory but you would be surprised how often descriptions aren’t relevant to the actual page the link points to. Nothing removes your credibility faster than deceiving your readers, and that’s exactly what they will think you are doing by not matching your meta description to your link. Simply making sure your meta descriptions are relevant can make a world of difference.

Think like a salesperson. Your meta description is there to sell you. It is your sales pitch to the searchers to click on your link. Use descriptive and promotional language to show them the value in visiting your site. Make your descriptions sounds enticing and exciting. For example, if your website sells discount perfume, rather than saying “We sell perfume at discounted prices,” say something like “Get your discounted perfume here! We have over 1,000 brands at cheap prices.” See the difference?

Place keywords towards the beginning. Keywords that are placed closer to the beginning of the meta description seem to carry more weight, and rank, than those that come further down in the description. What’s more, since the amount of characters each search engine allots in the displayed meta description varies, key words places too far back may not even get seen. Place your heaviest hitting keywords first, then use any subsequent keywords if you have any.

Use a unique meta description for each page. Each page on your website should have its own unique meta description. The reason for this is simple. Google will display no more than 2 results from one site in the search engine results page. So if you have numerous pages with the same meta description, it will make it difficult for Google to tell which is the most important page to rank, and therefore may not rank your site at all.

An effective meta descriptions will tell your potential readers just what you have in store for them. It sells them on your website, and makes them want to click your link. Use these tips to make yours more effective.

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