Building Your Business with an eBook

I’m sure you have seen websites offering free eBooks ready to teach you anything and everything. Maybe you have even downloaded a couple of them. But did you know that offering a free eBook doesn’t only benefit the reader, it benefits the “seller” as well. EBooks help attract readers, show your authority and expertise and help you SEO your website even more. Here is how a free eBook can help you build your business.

  1. EBooks help deliver knowledge. People go online searching for an answer to their questions and they can find it in your eBook. For example, if you own a plumbing business, you may choose to write a short eBook on DIY plumbing tips. People who are searching for ways to fix their leaky pipes on their own will find you through an Internet search and will gratefully download your eBook.
  2. EBooks show your expertise. Let’s take that same scenario with the eBook on DIY plumbing. If someone visits your site, downloads the book and loves what you have to say. You have clearly established yourself as a knowledgeable and experienced plumber in this person’s eyes. Now imagine who that person is going to call when they have a plumbing problem that they can’t fix on their own? That’s right. You! He already knows you know what you are talking about because you have proven your competency and credibility.
  3. EBooks help expand your mailing list. By simply adding a free eBook on your website, you can easily grow your email list. Make sure your website is set up where readers need to enter their email address in order to get the pdf for the eBook. They will get their eBook delivered to their inbox, and you get another email address to add to your mailing list.
  4. EBooks can add SEO power. You can utilize the content in your eBook by using it in pieces in your blog. Or if you have a designated landing page for your eBook, add in targeted keywords and backlinks to your website’s home page.

A well-written eBook can help build up your business and your website traffic. Think you don’t have time to write an eBook? Think again. EBooks don’t have to be long at all. They can be short and sweet; they just need to be filled with enough value to make people want to download them. If you already have a blog that provides useful information, you can simply put together a collection of your best posts. With a quality free eBook, it’s not hard to drive readers to your site and gain more customers to expand your business. 

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