Does Your Blog Have a Voice?

Have you ever noticed that certain bloggers have a distinct style to their posts? Maybe all their posts have a little bit of humor or even some sarcasm stuck in there. Or maybe they sound more academic or they don’t … ahem … censor their language much. Either way, their voice has a voice. It is the way their writing sounds to their readers. Here are some tips to finding a voice for your own blog.

  1. Have patience. It takes time for bloggers to find a voice. When most bloggers first start they blog, their writing starts out a bit more formal and technical. As time goes on and they grow as a blogger, their personality and style starts to naturally come out.
  2. Write about things that interest you. This tip is simple: the more you enjoy the topic, the easier the writing will be for you and your words will flow more naturally. Find topics you enjoy and let the words spew out of you.
  3. Have your friends and family describe you. By asking those closest to you, you made discover qualities you didn’t realize you had. Have your loved ones list your positive attributes and use those in your writing.
  4. Be happy. In general, the happier people are more creative they are as well. Stress and anxiety tend to stifle the creative process.
  5. Have a point. Successful bloggers do not spout out random thoughts and sayings in their posts. They have an idea or opinion that they want to share with their readers. For your posts, figure out what you want to share with your readers. It can be thought, a story or opinion, and center your blog post around that.
  6. Do not second-guess yourself. Trust yourself when you write. Do not spend too much time worrying about if your post will get commented on or re-tweeted. Instead, focus on what you want to say, a sort of “go with your gut” type thing. Basically, let your writing flow freely.
  7. Do not be afraid to take risks. I know it can be scary, but it can also be fun. Your blog posts to not have to be playing or cookie-cutter by any means. Your blog is mainly about you, the blogger, and the writing should sound like you.

Every blogger has their own style that is uniquely them. Finding yours can help your business blog stand out and make you recognizable. Use these 7 tips to help you find your voice.

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