Google+ vs. Facebook

Since its launch, Google+ had gotten pretty good reviews. The new social sharing site allows users to create circles of their friends, family, acquaintances, business associates and those you merely want to follow. The integration of the +1 button allows users to share websites and links that they like and also helps them direct more traffic to their websites. With all the good points, can Google+ stand up against the social sharing giant Facebook? Here are some benefits of Google+.

  1. Utilization of Google

A huge benefit of Google+ is the integration of all the other existing Google services such as Search, Drive and Play. With all the services tied in to each other, you can monitor your Google+ events and share things with your circles without ever having to exit the current Google service you are using.

  1. Excellent Friend Management

In our everyday lives, we have different groups of friends and we interact and communicate with each in different ways. Google+ uses circles to help you keep your friends and acquaintances organized in much the same way. With Facebook, you are able to sort your friends list, but it is nowhere near as simple and convenient as Google+, which built its platform around the circles.

  1. Awesome Mobile App

Especially for Android users, the social sharing mobile app is easy and functional. With Google running the Android market, its social app is a little better than the Facebook mobile app.

  1. Sharing is Easy

It’s that little +1 button. It makes it easy to share things you like with your circles. With Facebook, you can “like” certain things, but the site still does not have the benefit of a search engine and the capability to instantly share information with your friends.

  1. Awesome Chat Features

Google+ has a Hangouts feature that enables users to chat. You can utilize this service to chat with friends or business associates. Since Google+ is a social site, it seems only natural that its users would want to chat with each other.

Google+ is quickly making its way up the social networking ranking to become one of the bigger sites. It’s sharing, sorting and chatting benefits show how Google+ is a heavy competitor for the reigning king, Facebook.

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