How to Build a Great Your WordPress Business Website

I’m sure most of you have used or heard of WordPress. Its simple interface is virtually foolproof and it installs with just a click. It’s one of the most used blogging tools available, but it is also a gem for building a business website. However, there are good WordPress websites, and there are great WordPress wesbites. Here are some tips to building a great WordPress business website.

  1. Pick an appropriate theme. There are a slew of WordPress themes to choose from, but not all are good for business websites. Many are also geared toward blogs and will arrange content by date. Look for a theme that looks more like a magazine page, or one that you can customize easily.
  2. Create pages and not posts. There is no real big difference when it comes to a static website; they basically do the same thing. However, if you are thinking of adding in a blog to your website, make sure you create pages on your website. Creating posts now may make a mess of you website later when you try to make posts for your blog.
  3. Make your front page static. Once you create your pages, you want to make sure that your home page displays at the forefront. To make sure it does, go to your Settings, then to Reading. Click on the “static page” button to make your home page a static one.
  4. Choose plugins wisely. Plugins are a great little tool that can make your life easier. But too many plugins can get confusing. Look for ones that are designed to make the transition from a blog to a static website easy for you.
  5. Utilize the sidebar. What your side bar says is a giveaway that your website is static page rather than a blog. Most blogs will display widgets like Categories, Blog roll or Archives. With a business website, there is no need for these. In fact, it can take away from the validity of your website. Edit your sidebar so that only appropriate information is displayed. Something as simple as contact info is perfect for a business website. Make sure to keep each page the same for consistency.

WordPress has long been renowned for being one of the most popular blog platforms. It’s simple to use that just about anyone can build a blog. Luckily, this simple yet effective tool is also great for building a business website.

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