How to Use Vine to Promote Your Business

Video is the hottest thing in marketing right now. That’s because video works. It can capture viewers’ attention and entertain them like textual content never could.
Vine is one of the newest video-sharing apps. It lets users share short videos on a continuous loop. So how effective can these 6 seconds (yes, just 6!) really be? They’re actually very effective. Done correctly, these short videos can grab attention, get right to the point and can really entertain. Here are some ways to use Vine to promote and rock your business.

  • Post a how-to video. Got a product that customers keep asking questions about? Post a quick video on how to use it and watch it spread.
  • Build your brand. Do you want people to see your brand as fun and light hearted? Give them a glimpse of the antics that go on behind the scenes.
  • Show your content. If you have a ton of blog followers, you can announce your latest post by giving them a glimpse of your new post.
  • Share your latest product. Launch you latest product by giving customers a short and sweet look at what you’re business is releasing.
  • Spread a hashtag. Creating your own hashtag is a great way to spread your ideas and rally all your followers. Create a fun video showing a hashtag that you want your followers to use. It can be as simple as writing it on a post it and filming it.
  • Pose a question. Film yourself asking a question that your followers can answer. Get people involved and start a conversation.
  • Host a contest. Have your audience guess what your next big product will be. Or guess when your next sale will be. This is another great way to get your followers involved.

Vine is a video-sharing app that allows users to share short videos at just 6 seconds long. It may not seem like much, but Vine is great for businesses. Use any of these ideas to promote your brand or your products using this popular video marketing tool.

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