How Twitter Lists Can Help Your Business

Twitter has made its way up the social media ranks to become of the big names. But did you know that by using Twitter Lists, you help your business even more?

Twitter lists let your organize your stream, helping you make some sense of the chaos. Here is some information on how to create lists and ways to use them.

Creating Twitter Lists

  • To create lists, click on the “Me” tab of your Twitter page. On the left hand side, under Tweets, Following, etc., you will find the words Lists. Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can create your lists. You can choose to keep your lists private or make them public.
  • To add people, use the search feature once you create the list, or you can choose from those you are already following. Click on their name, and next to the big “Follow” or “Following” button, you will see a little button that looks like a head. Click on that and your second option should be “Add or remove from lists.”

Ways to Use Lists For Business

  • Share your lists. You can share your lists on Twitter, but let that be the end of it. Share them on your website too. Post a blog topic about your favorite “industry experts” or “favorite industry bloggers” and share your Twitter list.
  • Be helpful to others. Use your lists to help your audience. If your audience is looking for coupons, create a list of coupon sites or money saving blogs so that your audience can gain information from your list.
  • Create little communities. Invite others to subscribe to your list. When followers click on your lists, they can view each one and will see a “subscribe” button that will allow them to follow your list.

Twitter has taken the social marketing world by storm, with just about everyone on it. Use Twitter Lists to help you organize your stream, and boost your social marketing power.

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