The Perfect Word Count for a Blog Post

The perfect blogging word count. Why do people tend to focus on it? It’s because naming a specific word count is like naming an equation for success. Bloggers hope to find the perfect word count, the perfect headline formula and then rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately, the truth is there really is no such thing. Readers don’t really care how many words your posts are. Rather than focus on how many words you are writing, focus your efforts how good your words are. Here are some tips to help you write quality blog posts, no matter how many words they are.

Think about your reader. Some blog audiences are just more prone to reading longer, information-packed posts; while others prefer shorter, concise ones. Think about your own audience to determine how many words they are most likely to be attracted to. If you are going to write longer blog posts, consider using headings, numbers and bullets to break up the text and to make it easier for readers to take in.

Think about what they want to learn. What is it that you are teaching your blog readers, and can it easily be conveyed in a short blog post? In some cases, a longer blog post is unavoidable. If you are going to be writing long posts (we’re talking 1,000+ words) make sure that everything you include in it is necessary. Simply adding in fluff to make your blog post long when you could easily state the meat of your message in 300 words will turn off your readers.

Think how you can gain your readers’ trust. Use your blog posts to share personal stories and relate to your audience, no matter how long the post is. Keeping your posts personal will help readers trust you, and make them want to come back for more.

Think about the search engines. While there really is no set length a blog post should be, try to keep yours over 250 words for better search engine results. Between 400-600 is good too; Google will see it as worth it’s time. In addition, this length is generally what most readers are comfortable reading. Too long and you may lose the interest of some readers. On the other hand, it’s a blog-by-blog case and like we mentioned before, you should consider the needs of your own audience.

Often times, bloggers want to know a specific word count they should be aiming for. Unfortunately, there is no set answer. Word count will vary by blog, and all posts should focus on quality instead of its quantity.

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