Using Digg to Increase Your Website Traffic

Social news sites are becoming more and more popular. What exactly is a social news site? It is a site where users can share blog posts or web pages that they like by easily submitting the URL along with a short description and categorizing it. All submissions are viewable by other Digg users who can “digg” or bury the submission. The more diggs a submission gets, the higher up on the Digg ranks it goes. So what are the benefits of using Digg for your business? Can it help increase your website traffic?

Why Use Digg?

It’s simple really. If you submit one of your links, your goal is to get it on the front page. The higher up on the ranks, the more views it gets. Which equals more exposure for your blog or website. If other Digg users like your post, chances are they will follow it to your website to see what other interested things you have to say. In addition, it provides inbound links to your website, which Google likes, making your website seem more interesting and important.

Now the reality of Digg is that it’s really difficult for a newbie Digg user to get on the front page. Does this mean you shouldn’t use Digg? Not at all! There is still a chance some users will see your content, and some new traffic is definitely better than nothing at all.

Setting Up a Digg Account

If you don’t have a Digg account, it is really quick and easy to set up. Simply go to and click on the Join Digg link. Fill out all the necessary information. When you choose a username, pick one that will help users recognize you and your business. You will get a registration email delivered to your provided email address. Go to your email to confirm your Digg registration.

Once you are set up, you can start submitting your blog posts or articles. On the top of the page there is a submit a link tab. With a few easy clicks, paste the URL in the box and click submit. That’s it! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Digg is a social news site that can help your business gain more traffic. Simply sign up for an account and start submitting links to your blog posts or articles. The more interesting and useful your posts, the more people will “digg” it.

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