4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Opt Ins

Having an opt in form on your website or blog helps to capture emails, build your mailing list and lets you easy talk to the people who are most interested in your business. But if your website opt in form isn’t converting as well as you would like, it may be time to find a way to increase your opt ins. Here are 4 easy things that you can try.

  1. Give away something free. You’ve probably see it many times; an opt in forms that tell you to Sign up now and get ____ free. It’s almost always something of interest and something that provides useful information. It can be a report or a short eBook. No matter what you give away, make sure it’s something that will capture your readers’ interest and make them want to sign up for your list.
  2. Have an entire page as your opt in. If that little opt in box isn’t working for you, consider creating a full landing page as your opt in. It should be a separate page from your main site, maybe a hidden page that is not on your menu. Make the opt in form prominent on the page, so that the visitor has no choice not to see it. You may include some text or video to entice your readers as well.
  3. Keep your form above the fold. Your opt in form should always be visible when a visitor first lands on your website. He or she should not have to scroll down to see it. Also, studies show that keeping your form on the right hand side works better than on the left. Online readers are just used to seeing these forms on the right and you have a better chance of them noticing yours if you keep yours on that side of the page.
  4. Only require an email address. For this tip, you may want to do some trial and error, or split test. Some marketers don’t like to exclude capturing subscriber names, while others claim that they get more opt ins by asking only for an email address. Some readers just don’t feel comfortable divulging a ton of info just to get something free, and others just don’t want to spend the time filling out all the boxes.

Your opt in form is a way to connect with targeted readers, driving more traffic to your site and turning readers into customers. However, if your form isn’t converting like you would like it to, consider trying one or more of these things to increase your opt ins.

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