Focusing Your Content Strategy for the Best Results

Content is still very important in the business blogging world, and knowing what works for your business and what doesn’t will help you stay on top of your efforts. Luckily, by targeting your content strategy, you can ensure the best results for your business with your blog. Here are 3 ways to focus your content strategy that will save you both time and money.

  • Do preliminary testing. Before launching a big content campaign, start by testing topics out with light formats that you can do inexpensively. Whether your blog focuses on article and blog posts, social media sharing, guest blogging and visual content like videos and infographics; it pays to figure out what works for your audience before devoting a ton of time to your content. Carefully watch your stats, comments and other analytics to see which type of content your visitors want the most.
  • Figure out your goals. Your content strategy should closely tie on with your business goals. Are you hoping to grow your customer base? Find a new customer market? Make more off of your existing customers? Retain customers and reduce revenue loss? Depending on your business goals, your content should mirror those goals and help point your business in the right direction.
  • Focus on what your audience wants. If you are already tracking your posts by watching pageviews, link clicks, new visits or comments; you have a pretty good idea of which topics your audience is most interested in. To save you time and effort, spend most of your time creating content that fits this interest. Whether it’s written content or visual, stick to what your audience wants most and you will get more traffic to your site and more engagement.

Content is still king in blogging and knowing what works for your business blog will help you reign supreme. By doing some testing, sticking with your business goals and catering to your audience’s needs, you can focus your blog content for better results.

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