Using Webinars to Boost Your Business

You’ve done the blog. Optimized your site. Participated in social media. But you can still stand to increase your business. So how can you do that? The answer is webinars. Webinars have the ability to increase readership and turn them into customers. Here is how you can create a webinar and use it to boost your business.

  • Pick your topic. Having the right topic for your webinar is important; it can mean the difference between people wanting to sign up and passing on it completely. Start by checking your comments and analytics to find your most popular blog posts. Out of the top 5, see which is the most technical; the one you can turn into a how-to webinar.
  • Pick your software. There are different types of webinar software available online that you can choose from, some paid and some free. Do some research to see which is best for you. Look at features they each have, such as what information of the attendees they gather for you.
  • Creating your webinar. When you make your webinar, avoid coming off as salesy or spammy. Your main goal is not to sell things; it is to teach your attendees. If you give them something of value, they will naturally begin to trust you which will gradually lead to more sales. Give them step-by-step instructions on how to fix/do/repair/whatever it is you are teaching them. You can mention how your product or service can help, but you are not trying to be overly pitchy. Mentioning it casually, showing people using your product or service and telling how these people are benefiting from your business is perfect for converting attendees into customers without pushing too hard.
  • Promote your webinar. If no one joins your webinar, then you won’t make any money off of it. Before your webinar even starts, begin promoting it. Write a blog post about it to entice people to sign up. Send an announcement to your email list. Add the word “webinar” to blog post title or email subject. Don’t try to maintain a level of secrecy – tell your readers exactly what it is you are going to teach them. Be as descriptive as you can without giving away all your information. Giving your readers a sneak peek with a screen shot can also help increase your signup rate.
  • Have a Q&A. You can choose to have attendees send in questions ahead of time so that you can prepare your answers, or you can open up the floor for a question and answer session at the end of your presentation. Taking the time to personally help attendees will create trust.

Webinars are a great way to boost your business and get more sales. They have the power to convert blog readers into devoted customers. Use these steps to help you create your own business boosting webinar.

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