4 Tips to Using Images on Twitter

Twitter recently added implemented the ability to share images. By clicking on the camera-looking icon, you can now upload an image along with your tweets.

But should you?

So far, the answer seems like an overwhelming “yes.” We already know that images, and videos for that matter, get shared the most on other sites like Facebook and of course Instagram. When it comes to Twitter, images help you get more favorites, more retweets and more click-throughs. Here are 4 tips to help you use images on Twitter to your advantage.

  1. Size your images appropriately. If your image isn’t sized correctly, it won’t fit in the Twitter feed correctly. It will still be uploaded and submitted, but unless someone clicks on it, they may not get to see the entire image. While there doesn’t seem to be an official size to use, an image around 500-550 pixels wide and 300 pixels high seems to work best. Play around with different sized image to find what works best for you.
  2. Include images when you share posts written by others. Beyond including images on with your own posts, go that extra step and include images with posts you share from other bloggers. While this tactic won’t get you traffic back to your own website, it will help get your tweets noticed. When visiting another blogger’s post, try to save on of their images from the post.
  3. Keep your images relevant. Like choosing an image for a blog post, the image you choose for your tweets should be relevant to the post you are sharing. If you decide not to you use the image from the blog post, find something else that portrays the content of the blog post well.
  4. Be consistent. As with anything else on social media, if you want to see results from using images, you want to share and interact on a consistent basis. Use a tweet scheduling program to help you post throughout the day, even when you aren’t online.

The addition images on Twitter can work to the advantage of businesses who market on this social media site. By simply adding a relevant image, you can stand to get more retweets and more traffic back to your website. When using images on Twitter, follow these 4 tips to help you get the best results for your business marketing.

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